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To get started, please download our app, create a user, register the tracker and activate it by shaking the tracker - preferably outdoors.

GPS Signals cannot penetrate dense materials

Activate and test the tracker outdoors, as concrete and metal can reflect and block the GPS signal. GPS signals are relatively weak signals, sent from satellites 20.000 kilometers away on a frequency that cannot penetrate dense materials. 

If you don't see your tracker's icon on the map within 5 minutes, please repeat the "shake" process. 

The small blue circle is your phone's location - not your tracker's.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Open Google Play or App store and download our app: CPH Trackers or app.cphtrackers.com
  2. Install and open the app and grant the necessary permissions
  3. Create a user account with your email address as username 
  4. Press the (+) icon in the bottom left corner
  5. Scan the QR code on the tracker or enter the ID manually
  6. A random name is automatically assigned to the tracker and shown below the tracker icon at the bottom of the main app window
  7. Go outdoors and shake the tracker quickly for 10 seconds and leave it outdoors for 5 minutes while it receives GPS signals.
  8. Confirm that the activation status is "Activated" or "Activated and Live" and check "History" for tracks and connection quality
  9. Test the connection in the place where you intend to mount the tracker


    Mounting & Placing

    Please confirm that the tracker is activated and can receive GPS signals before mounting it permanently. If you have mounted your tracker before it was activated, you may need to wait for the autostart feature which will activate the tracker within 7 days of being registered to a user. 

    As far as possible, the tracker should point with the logo towards the sky without any concrete or metal obstacles. If there is metal above the tracker, point the logo in a direction in which the signals can reach the tracker.

    The included double-side tape is ultra-strong and permanent and adheres to metal, plastic, wood, etc. Clean the surface thoroughly before mounting. Remove the red liner from one side of the tape and place it on the tracker. Remove the other liner and place the tracker in the desired location. Please let the foam tape harden for 24 hours and put some pressure on it for maximum effect.

    Please consider using a less permanent and strong adhesive when mounting on surfaces that should not be scratched.

    IMPORTANT: Avoid too much metal around the tracker - metal reflects and blocks GPS signals, so even duct tape, tin foil and paint with metal content can completely block both GPS and data network connectivity. However, the signals can easily move through glass, wood, plastic and fiberglass.

    Re-finding Missing or Stolen Property

    If your tracker is lost, we recommend switching to "Live" until the tracker is recovered - or use "Emergency" if the GPS connection is weak. To switch profiles, tap your tracker's icon at the bottom of the app and tap the middle "Profile" icon. Please avoid using "Emergency" for more than a few days in general, as this tracking profile uses quite a lot of power relatively quickly.

    Synchronisation and Power Saving Profiles

    Please note that the tracker works independently of the app and server - it will simply follow the instructions it has been given until it receives new ones. This means that you may have to wait for the tracker to sync and download new settings the next time it tracks.

    If the tracker sends coordinates Daily, it can take up to 24 hours before it changes profile. If it sends a signal once every 7 days, it may take up to 7 days before the selected tracking profile is active.

    We recommend using the "Daily" tracking profile in most cases, as it provides a good predictable balance of battery life and response time.

    "Live" and "Parking" are recommended for vehicles that don't move very often, such as caravans, boats, trailers etc. "Parking" is good for vehicles that only move once or twice a day (on average). With these two motion-activated profiles, the tracker is only active once a week - unless motion is detected. 

    With the "Parking" profile, the tracker only sends the position when movement has stopped - not while it is moving. With "Live tracking" the tracker sends during and after movement as well.

    Please avoid the "Weekly" profile, unless you are aware that you may have to wait up to a week before the tracker reacts to new instructions. Although "Weekly" is the obvious choice for periods of inactivity, "Live" will often be a better choice because it will make the tracker ready to use whenever you move it.

    Worth knowing

    • GPS technology is designed for outdoor use. If the tracker is indoors, it may give inaccurate or no coordinates which show up in the app as "Bad signal" or "No signal"
    • The tracker is designed for outdoor use and IP67 certified water and dust resistant
    • The batteries are not rechargeable but you can purchase a battery change in our webshop and send it to us so we can change them for you
    • The expected battery life is 4 years with Daily tracking, but this may vary due to temperature, signal conditions or rough use
    • A GPS tracker can only be assigned to 1 user, so the app will report errors if the tracker is already registered to your account and you try to register it again
    • You can share individual tracks if you have premium, but otherwise you may need to share login details with other users to share its location continuously
    • The tracker is not suitable for tracking people or pets 
    • The tracker works in the EU + Norway & UK out of the box, but you can buy an area upgrade to activate the data network in other countries
    • The tracker uses 2G GSM/GPRS communication for data transmissions. This has the widest coverage of all mobile data networks, but coverage may be week in remote areas and indoors