Gemstone™ and Gemstone™ Bike

The GPS Trackers for everything you don't want to lose!

Discover our newest small and powerfull GPS trackers designed to safeguard everything you value. Whether it's your car, campervan, cargo bike, bike, e-scooter, or more, Gemstone™ and Gemstone™ Bike are designed to ensure nothing is lost.


Up to 6 year battery life*1 position/day

No recharging
Exchangeable batteries

No monthly fees

+150 countries

Up to 6 years battery life
*1 track/day

No recharging
Exchangeable batteries

No monthly
fees required


+150 countries

Up to 6-year battery life
(1 position/day)

No recharging
Exchangeable batteries

No monthly fees

+150 countries

Locate anything, anywhere!

The Gemstone™ GPS tracker offers coverage in over 150 countries worldwide.


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Why Choose the Gemstone™ or Cobblestone™
GPS Tracker?

Battery life (with 1 track/day)Up to 6 yearsUp to 4 years
Replaceable batteries(DIY) Yes NoYesNo
Countries covered as standard15656
ConnectivityLTE-M, NB IoT, 2G2G
Satellite System (GNSS)GPS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSSGPS, Galileo
MIL-STD-810 Vibration ApprovedYesNo
Indoor trackingYes (Premium)No
RTC for Timed positions*YesNo
Firmware updates OTA*YesNo

RTC = Real Time Clock. The product knows the time and is able to send positions on specific time/day instructions as opposed to sending by predetermined cycles. While Cobblestone is able to send on a predetermined cycle, e.g., 'once every ~24 hours, approximate time', Gemstone is able to send on a given specific time, e.g., 'Tuesdays at 5:43 AM and Fridays at 3:40 PM'.

*OTA = Over The Air, wireless. This allows for future firmware and feature upgrades of the products even if the product is in the field."

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Cobblestone™ GPS Tracker

Cobblestone™ GPS Tracker

Cobblestone™ GPS Tracker PRO
black, shockproof

Always locate your important belongings with our GPS tracker

We recommend using Cobblestone™ Pro, which can withstand shocks and impacts.

Vi anbefaler, at du bruger Cobblestone™ Pro, som kan modstå stød og slag

Upgrade to Premium and Unlock New Features

Untitled design (1).png__PID:88377e8f-c409-4f99-8a17-767ba1cc67ee

• Custom Tracking Profiles
• Personalized Notifications
• Location Sharing

Note that Premium is a completely optional upgrade - all current features remain free!


More than 100,000 trackers sold

I am very impressed!

I am very impressed! I was looking for a GPS tracker without subscription that could track various things; car, boat and trailer. I stumbled upon Copenhagen Trackers and absolutely approve the product! Great quality and feel of the tracker itself, the app is user-friendly and everything is connected and ready to use in 2 minutes...

Morten, Trustpilot

I got my cargo bike back

Last Monday my bike was stolen in front of the office. There was a tracker hidden under the bike. A little later that same night, the tracker gave us a location. In a shopping centre. I went there, found my bike after 5 minutes and it was back 5 hours after it was stolen.

Anonymous, Trustpilot


I bought a tracker from a bike dealer after I had my first bike stolen. Being the nut I am, I didn't get it activated before it was attached but Christian from CPH trackers provided the most amazing service and I was sent a new unit which works perfectly. I would recommend CPH trackers to anyone 🙏🙏

- Josephine, Trustpilot

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Free Shipping & Returns

Get free shipping and returns within EU when you buy a Cobblestone GPS tracker from our webshop*.

*Free return doesn't apply to tracker purchased from retailers.

30 Days Return Policy

Have you changed your mind or is the GPS tracker not suitable for your needs? You always have a 30-day trial return period on purchases from our webshop.


Do you have questions about our GPS trackers or would you like help with tracking? See FAQ in our Helpdesk or contact us directly.