Track your personal belongings.
No monthly costs.
Only 134 EUR.

COBBLESTONE GPS-tracker is the first GPS tracker in the world that operates without subscriptions or monthly fees.

COBBLESTONE is a new, smart GPS tracker with long battery life and a size that makes it easy to fit in the bag, bike, stroller or any other item you appreciate.

COBBLESTONE is the first GPS tracker in the world that operates without subscriptions or monthly fees. Once you have purchased COBBLESTONE GPS Tracker, it is completely free to use. COBBLESTONE comes with apps for both iOS and Android as well as an online platform where you can access all your devices.

CONCEPT is simple. You will start tracking in 2 minutes and the battery life is up to 10 years. This means that COBBLESTONE is already used by both private companies and institutions around the world.

Choose from 4 smart tracking profiles.
One for every need.

  1. LIVE TRACKING: Sends a position every 15 min.
  2. MOVEMENT: Sends a position one hour after the last movement (when it's been stationary for one hour)
  3. 1 TRACK / DAY: Sends a position every day
  4. 1 TRACK / WEEK: Sends a position every week
  5. ALARM: Sends a position as soon as it is moved
When you register your COBBLESTONE GPS tracker the first time through our app or web interface, you also choose the profile that suits you best. This profile will be the first settings for your tracker.

Track your personal belongings.
It only takes 2 minutes to get started.


Create account
Create an account with your personal information.


Submit the ID of the unit
Enter the Tracking ID you find on your GPS tracker.


Place the tracker
Place your tracker and you can now follow its course.

  • For privates
  • For companies

COBBLESTONE GPS Tracker fits perfectly under a bicycle seat or in a stroller and can easily be mounted on a cargo bike, caravan, tractor, trailer, boat and many other things. Only imagination sets limits.

COBBLESTONE GPS Tracker is a great choice for fleet management. Its easy to implement, low costs, no running fees and it comes with great interface for handling many devices. You can even access our API and integrate into you own custom needs.

from CPH Trackers.

134 EUR

  • No subscriptions
  • Up to 4 years battery life at 1 track / day
  • Up to 10 years battery life at 1 track / week
  • Built-in SIM with free data
  • 5 different settings for your device
  • Full coverage across the EU + Norway and Switzerland
  • Up to 4.000 tracks
  • Apps for iOS and Android
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