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To start tracking, download our app, create a user, register the tracker and activate it by shaking the tracker:

Cobblestone GPS-tracker quickstart Danish

The app requires a password of at least 8 characters. 

Select the "Live Tracking" power saving profile to start with, as it makes installation easier. Once you have confirmed that the device is working, you can switch to e.g. "24 hours".

The battery icons in the power saving profile selector only illustrate the expected power consumption - not the battery status right now

 Aktiver trackeren udendørs

Activate and test the device outdoors in the open, as concrete and metal can absorb and reflect GPS signals

You know the device is correctly activated when you see two identical randomly coloured circles: one in the menu at the bottom of the screen and one on the map.

If you don't see your tracker's icon on the map within 5 minutes, you can repeat the "shake" process outdoors. 

(The small blue circle is your phone's location - not your tracker's)

Quickstart step-by-step

  1. Open Google Play or App store and download our app: CPH Trackers or visit app.cphtrackers.com if you are sitting at a big screen
  2. Install and open the app
  3. Create user account with email address and password of your choice
  4. Press the + icon in the top right corner
  5. Enter the 20-digit code on the white label of the tracker
  6. Select the Live Tracking profile from the dropdown menu
  7. Give the tracker a name - e.g. the same as what you are tracking
  8. Go outdoors and shake the tracker quickly for 10 seconds - leave it in the open for 5 minutes
  9. Confirm that you have two coloured circles with a letter in them, in the app
  10. Test the connection where you intend to mount the tracker
  11. Apply adhesive when you are sure the connection is good.


    Mounting the COBBLESTONE GPS tracker

    Remember to activate before mounting. If you have mounted your tracker before it was activated, be patient - the Cobblestone GPS tracker has an autostart feature which means it will activate itself within 7 days of being registered to a user. 

    As far as possible, the device should point with the logo towards the sky without any obstacles of concrete or metal. If there is metal above the tracker, point the logo in the direction where the signals can enter.

    The included adhesive is ultra-strong and permanent and adheres to metal, plastic, wood, etc. Clean the desired surface for mounting with white spirit or similar and wipe with a dry cloth. Remove the red liner from one side of the tape and place it on the tracker. Remove the other liner and place the device on the desired location. Remember to test before you stick.

    IMPORTANT: Avoid too much metal around the tracker - metal reflects radio signals, so even duct tape and tin foil can completely block both GPS and data network connectivity. But radio signals go through glass, wood, plastic and fibreglass just fine.


    If your device is lost, we recommend switching to "Live Tracking" until the tracker is recovered - but feel free to use "Constant" for a few days at a time. To switch profiles, tap your tracker's icon at the bottom of the app and tap the middle "Profile" icon. Tap the dropdown menu and select "Live Tracking" or "Constant". Please avoid using "Constant" for more than a few days, as it uses a surprising amount of power.

    Synchronisation and Power Saving Profiles

    Please note that the tracker works independently of the app and server - it will simply follow the instructions it has been given until it receives new ones. This means that you have to wait for the device to sync and download new settings the next time it sends coordinates. So if the tracker sends coordinates once a day, it can take up to a day before it changes profile.

    You'll generally get the best balance of predictable battery life and response time with the "24 hours" profile, so use it for vehicles in daily use, such as passenger cars. 

    "Live tracking" and "After Movement" are recommended for things that stand still most of the time such as caravans, boats, trailers etc. "After Movement" is good for vehicles that only move once or twice a day (on average). With these two motion-activated profiles, the tracker is only active once a week - unless motion is detected. 

    With the "After movement" profile, the tracker only sends the position when movement has stopped - not while it is moving. With "Live tracking" the tracker sends at, during and after movement

    Please avoid the "7 days" profile, unless you are comfortable that there can be a week between you being able to contact the tracker. Although "7 days" is obvious for periods of inactivity, Live Tracking will often be a better choice.

    Read more about choosing power saving profiles here (opens in new window)

    Worth knowing

    • The tracker is "offline" between position updates, so it only downloads new settings the next time it sends a position update
    • GPS technology is designed for outdoor use. If the tracker is indoors, it may give inaccurate or no coordinates.
    • The tracker is designed for outdoor use, so the casing is ultrasonic welded and thus IP67 certified water and dust resistant
    • The batteries are not rechargeable but you can buy a battery change for 300,- kr.
    • The expected battery life is 4 years at 1 track per day, but this may vary due to temperature and reception conditions.
    • A GPS tracker can only be assigned to 1 user, so the app will report errors if the device is already registered to your account.
    • You can share access to your tracker with others by sharing your username (email) and password so they can log in on their own devices
    • Write to us from the email address your tracker is registered to if you want to move the tracker to another user account.
    • You can change your account password here
    • Live Tracking is only recommended for tracking things that stand still most of the time
    • The "Constant" profile should only be used for short periods in an emergency 
    • The app simply shows the tracker's last known location, but we store your tracker's history and send it on request
    • The tracker is not suitable for tracking people or pets
    • The tracker does not have a real clock, so the time intervals may vary
    • The device works in the EU + Norway as standard, but you can buy an area upgrade for 300, - kr. so the tracker works elsewhere
    • The device uses 2G GSM communication for data transmission. The GSM network is the "original" data (internet) network, and covers virtually everywhere in Denmark and the rest of the EU - however, there may be areas where there is no mobile coverage - especially indoors.

    You can find more information on our helpdesk