Get started with COBBLESTONE GPS Tracker

In this article, you will learn how to get the most out of your new COBBLESTONE GPS Tracker. We will be going through the following topics:

  1. How to activate your device and what you should be aware of
  2. How to successfully mount your device
  3. How to track your device
  4. Important information about your COBBLESTONE GPS Tracker

1. How to activate your COBBLESTONE GPS Tracker

When you receive your device you’ll find the following in your package:

  1. A manual that describes how to activate your COBBLESTONE GPS Tracker
  2. A piece of double-sided tape for mounting your devicehed
  3. A warning sticker which signals that GPS tracking is used

To activate your COBBLESTONE it must first be registered. This is done by following the instructions below:

TIP 1: We’re recommending that you choose ‘Live Tracking’ during setup—this will give you the best experience with your COBBLESTONE. When you have verified that the device is working, you should change the profile again.

In the box for your device, you will find your manual. Follow the steps from 1-5 to get going.

In your app, after you have registered your device (step 1-4), you’ll see a circle with a character in the menu placed at the bottom of your app. This character will be the first letter of the name you have given the app. If you, for example, have called your device ‘Bicycle’ the circle will contain a ‘B’, and if you have called the device ‘Car’ it will contain a ‘C’ etc.

NOTE: The device only needs to be registered one time—once step 1-4 is done they should not be done again.

When shaking the device (step 5), it is essential that it is shaken quickly.

TIP 2: COBBLESTONE is most easily activated by holding the device the same way you would hold a sandwich or a burger: with your thumb in the ‘bottom’ and 3-4 fingers at the top. Afterward shake the device up and down quickly.

TIP 3: When the device is shaken you’ll need to take it outside—here the GPS signal is strongest and you will get the most precise location.

NOTE: Is the device not giving any feedback even though it is shaken quickly? Keep your eyes on the app after you’ve shaken it. It can take up to 3 minutes for the device to be activated.

You will know that the device is activated correctly when you see two identical circles: one at the bottom of your screen and one on the map. See the image below.

Registered—but not yet activated Registered and activated.

If the device is not appearing at the map in 3 minutes, please repeat the ‘shaking process’

NOTE: The first position can sometimes be rather inaccurate—this is caused by the device not reaching a GPS connection and it will usually be better by the second fix. This is one of the reasons that we are recommending ‘Live Tracking’ when you set up your device, as you will be able to get going faster.

IMPORTANT: It is highly important to make sure the device is mounted correctly before you use the included tape. It is ultra strong and permanent, and you will not be able to mount the device afterward.

2. How to successfully mount your COBBLESTONE GPS Tracker

When you are completely sure that your device is activated correctly—and not before—you can mount it.

See the above pictures or read “1. How to activate your COBBLESTONE GPS Tracker” if you are unsure whether your device is activated correctly or not.

For the best results, make sure the logo on your COBBLESTONE is facing directly upward, with a clear path between the device and the sky.

TIP 4: The device will likely work regardless of the direction it is facing–but try out different positions before you mount your device to make sure it can get GPS fixes from the desired assembly point.

The supplied tape is really strong and permanent—and it sticks to metal, plastic, wood and similar surfaces. Please clean the desired surface with benzine or similar cleaning agent and wipe it dry with a dry cloth afterward. Remove the white or red liner from the tape and place it on the device. Remove the other liner and place the device on the clean surface

IMPORTANT: Do not place the device directly behind or underneath metal, or in a metal pipe etc—the GPS signal will not be able to get through and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to get a GPS fix.

3. How to track your device

If your device should be lost, we recommend that you switch the profile to ‘Live Tracking’. To switch profile, click on ‘Settings’ and the gear icon. Under ‘Profile’, select ‘Live Tracking’.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that your device is autonomous. This means that your device works independently of the app or web interface (and server)—COBBLESTONE will simply follow the instructions it has received until it receives a new instruction. This means that you need to wait for the app to register the new settings if changed. Therefore, it may take some time before the device switches to ‘Live Tracking’.

Choose ‘Settings’ and find ‘Profile’—for some, it will be placed at the bottom (dotted) Choose ‘Live Tracking’ and save the changes by clicking ‘Save’

Once your device’s profile is switched to ‘Live Tracking’ it will update it’s position approximately every 15 minutes.

TIP 5: When your device’s profile is set to ‘Live Tracking’ it will receive more and more data from the GPS satellites—therefore, it will be more and more precise. A device that only sends GPS signals reluctantly once in a while (ie, a device that changes between GSM positions and GPS positions) will usually send GPS positions each time it switches to ‘Live Tracking’.

4. Important information about your tracker

If you have any questions, comments or issues with your COBBLESTONE GPS Tracker, feel free to call our hotline at (+45) 33 60 20 10.